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From Conventional lead-Acid & Maintenance-Free Batteries to More

Battery Specification Tables

More battery types to suit wider applications

We have expanded the types of our batteries from JIS low maintenance (conventional dry-charged lead-acid) and maintenance-free batteries, to DIN and deep-cycle batteries, bringing good news to European car users and for vehicles/machineries that require consistent power with long battery life cycle.

Better battery material to achieve greater performance

One essential material that largely determines the quality of a battery is the grade of battery used. JT Battery’s progress in this area is to have upgraded our battery plate from normal lead plate to calcium-lead alloy plate, the latter of which provides much better performance and contributes to the even long-lasting characteristic of our batteries.

JT Battery is not going to stop at the above progress and will constantly look at how we can fit ourselves in other battery product markets as we continue to invest our resources in R&D (Research and Development). With our years of experience and commitment in the market, we already have our own line of established battery brands including NK, JNK and New SG.

You can also contact us to discuss how you want to create your own house brands. Please refer to Specifications table below for more information.

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