About Us

Battery Manufacturer JAYA TIMUR

PT Jaya Timur (“Jaya Timur”) was founded in year 2005 by a family living with a great passion for battery. Jaya Timur started as an importer and distributor of car batteries (aka.storage or chargeable batteries) in Batam, Indonesia, supplying batteries to various dealers in Batam and other islands nearby.

In a short span of 2 years, Jaya Timur saw its customer base expanding considerably and that the growing demand for its batteries became increasingly challenging to meet. This was especially so when Jaya Timur then were very much dependent on overseas suppliers for its battery stocks.

Seeing this challenge as a great opportunity, Jaya Timur knew it had to emerge as a stronger player who could deliver to its customers what they want and, whenever possible, delight them with more control over our Quality, Service, Expertise as well as Price. With this in mind, Jaya Timur then progressed to become a battery manufacturer in year 2007 adopting the widely used JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) in its production process.

This transformational move made Jaya Timur one of the few battery manufacturers in Batam even till today. It has since become a ready source to meet the constant demand for quality batteries at prices attractive to our dealers as well as our loyal battery users, and the rest is history.

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